Frequently Asked Questions

Below goes the most frequently asked questions.

What Courier Name Does UpTrack Syncs To PayPal?

UpTrack provides series of option to set desired courrier tracking url to be synced with Paypal.

Is UpTrack Safe To Use?

UpTrack is completely safe to use as it works under secured PayPal and Shopify API environment.

What does "Overide" feature do?

With "Override" checked-in, you can overwrite Shipping Information in PayPal over previously synced tracking information.
Example - In case, your supplier uploaded wrong tracking information and it got synced with PayPal, You can resync tracking information with override function, after uploading correct tracking information to Shopify.

Why are UpTrack plans are so cheaper?

We launched UpTrack with the main aim being to bring down costs of simple information transfer(Shopify to PayPal Synchronisation).

Can I connect multiple Store with same subscription?

Sorry, currently Uptrack only supports one store per subscription.

What does "Sync By Date Range" do?

By the name itself, it makes this feature quite understandable, just select the starting date and ending date you want to sync the tracking information.
Who is this for?

  • 1. Merchants who don't use auto-sync.
  • 2. Merchants shipping through Yunexpress, Yanwen and some other shipping couriers are provided with two different trackings, one being the default Chinese tracking, while others being USPS Tracking ID.
We recommend overriding the Chinese Tracking Information (ID) with USPS Tracking Information (ID) to have a better relationship with PayPal.